2002 Toyota 4Runner SPORT EDITION

PENDING / $37,900


DAS is excited to bring to market another Restored and Gorgeous Gen 3 Toyota 4Runner Sport. This 4Runner is 100% completed and ready for purchase and pick up. We have been building this 4Runner for the last 6 months and as seen below, the build sheet is sure to impress. If you want the newest, nicest, most complete Gen 3 4Runner in the country, this is it. From full cosmetics to full mechanical completion even to upgrades, there was no stone left unturned. Fully refinished and tastefully modded yet still classy and timeless, this 4Runner is the best of both worlds. Only the best parts and materials were used to complete this build from King Off Road Coilovers with Reservoir Shocks to Genuine Leather, you can say this 4Runner in many ways is BETTER than new!!!!

Paint and Body:
We stripped the entire body down to bare metal and removed any and all imperfections. As you will see in the photos, we disassembled the entire exterior, every single panel was removed. This assures 100% complete coverage with zero tape lines and a factory finish. There was not 1" of metal or plastic, inside panel or outside panel that wasn't prepped and painted. After we disassembled the entire vehicle and performed all the body work, we then 2k Primed the entire body and blocked down to make a perfectly smooth and flat surface to spray the base coat. After the 2k primer was perfectly blocked down, we applied factory base coat paint followed by 2 coats of clear coat. After the actual paint and clear cures and dries, we then wetland, compound, buff and polish every panel for a show quality finish. From there all the panels, trims, bumpers, moldings, etc all go back together with new hardware, brackets, etc. We have not increased the price of this truck by this amount, but I can without a doubt tell you in honesty this quality of a color change repaint would easily cost $12k and often more at any professional body shop.

After completing the massive undertaking of the Color Change Paint Job, we moved onto the servicing aspect of the build. Our mission was simple, address absolutely everything and beyond.


- New Timing Belt
- New Drive Belts
- New Harmonic Balancer
- New Valve Cover Gaskets
- New Plenum Gasket
- New Manifold Gasket
- New Water Pump & Gasket
- New Thermostat & Gasket
- New Tensioner
- New Tensioner Pulley
- New Idler Pulley
- New Radiator
- New Coolant
- New Platinum Spark Plugs
- New Pro Series Ignition Wires
- Fresh Oil & Filter Change
- New Sway Bar Bushings
- New Heater Control Valve


- New KING OFFROAD 3" Coil-Over System
- New 3" Front Fully Adjustable CoilOvers
- New Front Upgraded Upper Control Arms
- New KING OFFROAD Rear Reservoir Shocks
- New Rear Coils
- New OEM Rear Coil Support Brackets
- New Rear Bump Stops
- New Rear Sway Bar Links
- New Front Sway Bar Links
- New Sway Bar Bushings
- All New Hardware


- New BFG K02 285/75/16 Tires
- New 16x9 Wheels MK Wheels

BRAKE SYSTEM - This was done after photos were taken

- New Rotors
- New Pads
- Full Flush


- Front Differential Service with Synthetic Gear Oil
- Rear Differential Service with Synthetic Gear Oil
- Transfercase Service with Synthetic Oil
- Transmission Service with Synthetic Oil and Filter


- New Muffler and TailPipe

When it came to the interior, we wanted to start from nothing, so we completely stripped out everything as seen in the photos. We started with lining the perfect condition floor pan with a fully layer of DynaMat. From there, we have installed all brand new carpet throughout. The carpet we used is the very best carpet on the market with full backing and insulation. Wanting the make this 4Runner truly special we decided to give it a very custom yet timeless look with a none factory brown leather that looks absolutely amazing. In addition to the leather, we added heated seats and completely rebuild all 8 seat bolsters. Many other small details went into the interior such as refinishing the seat brackets, installing all new grade 10 hardware and much more. Many other items such as door panels, trim, bezels, moldings, etc were also replaced with better condition parts pulled from one of our many "parts 4Runners" as many of these items are no longer made.

- New DAS Custom Leather Seats
- New Rebuilt Seat Bolsters
- New Heated Elements in Seats
- New Carpet Throughout - added extra insulation and padding
- New Dynamat Liner
- Newly Replaced Panels and Trim.

There are many other services and parts installed on this 4Runner over the 8 month build. We hope you enjoyed all the photos, video and content. This 4Runner is sure to impress any buyer. It has a gorgeous overall look inside and out and the drivability is perfect. The Coilover system is the best in the industry by far and drives amazing on the road and will give you great performance offload if you wish to do so. This 4Runner is built to last another 20+ Years. We invite anyone to come to our facility in Richmond VA to inspect and drive as its a must see in person compared to pics. This is obviously an expensive 4Runner and we do offer full financing at 100% finance with no money required down at 3-5% interest up to 5 Years.

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