2004 Jeep Wrangler 2dr Rubicon

BEING BUILT / $23,500


2004 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon TJ - Only 97k - NEW DAS BUILD

Thanks for viewing the Pre-Lisitng for this 2004 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon we just got in inventory. This Rubicon is completely Stock and will be fully serviced, lifted, and modified here in our typical DAS fashion!! These Rubicon TJs are getting harder and harder to find as they were only made from 2003 to 2006, especially completely stock with less than 100k miles!! Call/Text Ted Lambert at 804-852-4907 for more info and purchasing options!!

**The Rubicon in the pictures is a Previously Sold Wrangler built by Davis AutoSports!! It is the same color and a perfect example of about what this Jeep will look like once completed!! The Hardtop on the new Jeep being built is the light khaki (tan) and not black like the one shown in pictures.**

We plan to pull this Jeep into our shop for a full inspection, service what needs to be serviced, install a 4" suspension lift kit with all up steering and suspension upgrades we typically install on a Rubicon build. We'll outfit the Jeep with our DAS Exclusive 17" wheels with 35x12.50x17 aggressive off road tires!!

We will perform our Paint Correction Service which includes a full wet sand, buff and polish. The wet sanding will remove as many imperfections in the top layer of clear coat as possible. Then with a 3 stage buff and polish, we bring that paint back to life and leave it will a brilliant shine and super smooth finish!! This is when we would remove the flares and determine what to do, respray those black for a like new appearance or install aftermarket Bushwacker flares!! This Jeep is for sale during the process and can be sold at any time!! Contact Ted at 804-852-4907 for more info and purchasing options.

Bumpers, Winch, Aux Lighting, Fender Flares, Side Steps, Kevlar, Etc. will all be determined as the build progresses. Keep in mind, we can customer build the Jeep to customer specifications. Contact Ted Lambert at 804-852-4907, we can discuss your options and put together a custom build sheet and produce your Jeep!!

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