2004 GMC Sierra 2500HD Crew Cab 153" WB 4WD SLT


Here at Davis AutoSports we are very excited to offer this Gorgeous 2004 GMC Sierra 2500 SLT. This truck was a direct trade in from the original and only owner. That correct, this is a TRUE 1 OWNER truck that has been loved and cared for since day 1 of ownership. This truck came to us in incredible overall condition and in true DAS fashion, we made it even better. This truck would have and could easily been sold in the exact manner it came traded in and most people and dealers would have considered it a "great condition" truck.

Before trading in the truck we inspected it thoroughly both mechanically and cosmetically and it was very impressive to say the least. The Previous and only owner was very passionate about the truck and all he's done to maintain it in all aspects. Once it was traded, I drove the truck for about 150 miles and it drove great, engine was very strong, transmission was very smooth and all components were just as you would like for them to be. Before each vehicle goes up for sale here at DAS, we put together a plan according to what we are looking to accomplish with that particular vehicle. With this truck having the incredible history of 1 Owner, impeccable service history, great drivability, etc we decided to take all steps necessary to make this truck as nice as it can be. One determining factor in this decision was the desirability of this generation Sierra and you simply can't find these trucks in close to like new condition anymore.

This is a build that I can say one thing lead into the next with all the services and recon work below we did. Many items were not needed but we simply did to go the extra mile and really make this a special truck


Upon inspecting the body, we found slight inner rocker panel rust starting to bubble in the paint, the rust was not through the metal but was starting to form. What was found would actually be considered good for these trucks as they are notorious for rocker and cab rust. This issue was mostly on the driver side but knowing the passenger side would soon follow we decided to take on both sides. We went back and forth as a shop on either cutting the metal out in the effected only area and patching then blending the paint which was a 5-6 day task and would make it look great but would give the new owner issues months or years down the road in the areas that were not done so we decided to go all the way. We made the decision to replace the entire inner rocker, outer rocker, corner cab and jambs on both sides. This is obviously a big job and to make it more efficient and to produce top quality work, we decided to remove the cab itself from the frame. Once the cab was removed and sent over to Paint and Body we were left with the frame and engine/tranny sitting in the shop. Knowing the cab was going to take 2 weeks to complete we decided to take this truck to the next level. Since we had 100% access to the entire frame, we decided to media blast the frame, axles, etc to make this truck look as new as possible but most importantly give the owner years and year of worry free ownership. Our industrial 260 CFM Dustless Media Blaster with crushed glass beads produced a like new frame, as you will see in the photos below, the frame looked new when we were done. Instead of just painting the frame or even undercoating the frame, we finished the frame with POR-15 which is the industries best rust preventative, this is a very time consuming service as it can only be brushed on and not sprayed, so every part of the undercarriage, frame, steering, suspension, differentials, etc were done. Between the frame blasting and POR-15 Application, we had about 5 days in that alone.

At this point we had full access to the engine and transmission for the any and all services. This gave us a chance to inspect things that are simply impossible with the cab on. We noticed that the manifold was starting to show some wear so we replaced the entire system including the manifold itself along with gasket. We noticed some brake lines were original and since we had full access to them, now is the time to replace as needed.

Over in paint and body, the cab was getting completely redone with all new inner rockers, outer rockers, corner cabs, etc. This is a very time consuming service and the end results not only looking brand new but you can't tell there was ANY body work done. Our body crew here is top notch the work speaks for itself. ZERO and I mean ZERO corners cut, Not only did we install ALL new panels, but they were seam sealed, metal sealed, 2K Primed, Base Coated, Clear Coated 2 times for years and years of protection.

Once the Cab and Frame were completed it was time to merge the two back together. All the body mounts were in fair condition but they were original and 16 years old therefore we installed all 8 brand new mounts, rubber, bushings, hardware, etc. To complete the undercarriage treatment, the exhaust was removed, media blasted and refinished. In the 5 weeks of completed this project there were many other smaller items attended to to complete the task to make this truck what it is today.

DAS is a restoration and performance facility so we go much deeper into our vehicles than most dealers and shops and that is what led us into the work we did. We truly appreciate this generation Sierra as they are great trucks, pre DEF, and are one of the last "Real Diesel" trucks prior to laws, EPA, etc. As a 1 owner truck that was perfectly serviced and cared for along with all the work we did, there is no reason this truck won't last another 20 years with proper care. The previous owner also had brand new Injetors installed at 188k Miles. This truck is also 100% original with no tune or performance upgrades.

As far as the exterior, we performed our full paint correction service on the paint which is a 5 day service alone valued at $2500, see video for more details. The Exterior looks amazing in all aspects. The previous owner installed a leer color match top with sliding windows and locks which we have the keys. The factory GM wheels look amazing and these wheels usually look very aged. As you see in the photos and video, this is perhaps the best looking 02-06 Sierra 2500 HD on the market.

The interior speaks for itself. The previous owner was a non smoker, no pets, no kids. The interior for the year looks amazing. This is a fully loaded SLT with dual power and heated seats with lumbar, Rear DVD entertainment, Bose, and much more. This truck has a full set of keys, both remotes, original window sticker, original build sheet, all books, mats, etc The carpet is very clean with no wear.



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