1997 Jeep Cherokee "ARMY GREEN"




We decided to repaint this XJ with the all new 2020 Tacoma Army Green, this is full color change which includes all door jams, pillars, back side of doors, etc. There is not 1 area that was not repainted. A color change vs a normal repaint is about double the time. We stripped down this XJ to metal and started from step one with etch primer, 2K primer, sealer, 2 coats base coat, and 3 coats of clear coat. When we paint our XJs, all handles, locks, trim, windows, panels are removed so there are no tape lines. This is a very time consuming method but the end result speaks for itself. We also painted all the door handles, mirror housings, belt moldings, factory roof rack and more. In addition to the ENTIRE exterior being painted, we spent 4 day wet sanding and buffing the new paint for a perfectly flat top clear coat layer and mirror finish.

- 030 Bore
- New Crankshaft
- New Cylinder Head
- New Valves And Springs
- New Camshaft
- New Lifters
- New Rocker Arms
- New Head Bolts
- New Full Gasket Set
- New Head Gasket Set
- New Rear Main Seal
- New Oil Pan Gasket
- New Pistons
- New Piston Ring Set
- New Main Bearing Set
- New Rod Bearing Set
- New Cam Bearing Set
- New Thrust Washers
- New Freeze Plug Set
- New High Volume Oil Pump
- New Oil Pick Up Tube
- New Timing Chain Kit

Fuel / Ignition:
- New Spark Plugs
- New Wires
- New Dis Cap

- New Clutch
- Front Diff Service - Drain, Flush, And Synthetic Fluid
- Rear Diff Service - Drain, Flush, And Synthetic Fluid
- Transfercase Service - Drain, Flush, Filter And Synthetic Fluid

Cooling System:
- New Upgraded Dual Core Triple Fan Radiator
- New High Flow Water Pump
- New Thermostat
- New Housing
- New Plumbing

3" Full Suspension And Steering Package:
- New Shocks
- New Coils
- New Full Leaf Springs
- New Lower Control Arms
- New Sway Bar End Links
- New Sway Bar Bushings
- New Sway Bar Drop Down Brackets
- New Heavy Duty Tie Rod Bar
- New Heavy Duty Tie Rod Ends
- New Heavy Duty Adjustable Track Bar
- New Heavy Duty Steering Stabilizer
- New Front Bump Stops
- New Rear Bump Stops
- New Transfercase Drop Down Kit
- All New Grade 10 Hardware

Exhaust System:
- New Performance Muffler
- New High Flow Catalytic Converter
- New Tail Pipe
- New Exhaust Tip
- All Welds, No Clamps

Brake System:
-New Front Rotors
-New Stainless Steel Brake Lines
-New Front Brake Pads
-New Hardware
-New Rear Disc Brake Conversion
-New Rear Calipers
-New Rear Rotors
-New Rear Pads
-New Rear Brake Lines
-New Left Parking Brake Line
-New Right Parking Brake Line
-Brake Fluid

Exterior Upgrades:
- New Bfg 245/75/16 K02 Tires
- New Das Moab Wheels
- New Windshield And Seal
- New Low Profile Roof Rack
- New Led Truck Lite Headlights
- Remove Front And Rear Axle, Sandblast And Refinish
- Red Arb Diff Covers
- Das Cnc Emblems
- New Door Pins
- New OEM Spec Front Tow Hooks
- NewOEM Spec Fog Lights

-New Full Cutpile Carpet, Insulation, Mass Backing
-DAS Custom Seat Package:
-Leather with Perf Inserts
-Rebuild Bolsters
-Rear Pockets
-Refinish Seat Rails
-Headed Elements
-Stand Alone Circuit Harness for Heated Power Switches
-New Headliner
-DAS leather steering wheel

DAS Audio Package:
-7" Navigation System
-Polk DB 6.5" Front Speakers
-Polk DB 6.5" Rear Speakers
-Audio Bluetooth
-Dash Kit
-RCA Wires
-Wire Harness
-Back Up Camera
-Sat Radio Kit

-New Compressor
-New Evaporator
-New Receiver Drier
-New Condenser
-New Orfice Tube
-New Heater Core

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