2001 Ford Super Duty F-350 DRW 4X4 5 SPEED


Here at DAS, we are excited to offer one of the nicest 7.3 Ford F350 PowerStrokes on the Market. Trucks like this are simply impossible to find. This is a TRUE 1 Owner truck that was garaged kept since day 1 of ownership and yes we have the original title. The previous and only owner took impeccable care of this truck cosmetically and mechanically. None commercial Owned by an elder gentleman that did everything he could to keep this truck brand new. (Sold due to manual clutch and has moved into a new Automatic) We sell a ton of older Gen Ford, GM, and Dodge trucks and we have never seen one like this, its simply the best example out here. All original ( no upgrades ) no rust issues, 5 Speed Manual, Insanely clean and it drives perfect and ZERO engine oil leaks !!!!! This is the Real Deal. This truck was so well kept, the photos and video on this listing are taken just the way the truck came in, we didnt have to spend our typical 1-3 weeks to prep the truck for sale.

Exterior Condition:

This truck is simply gorgeous as shown in the pics and video. The paint has a PERFECT shine and amazingly smooth finish. The Paint is a must see in person, zero peeling, zero clear coat issues, zero fading, just shinny, smooth perfection.....All 6 tires have 95% life and match and are load correct. The bottom of the doors, rain gutters, rockers, corner cabs, tail gate gutters, etc look amazing as shown in the all the pics and video. The undercarriage overall looks great as the truck was garaged and never used year around. With that said, it is a 20-year-old truck. The Floor Pans are all original and have never been sprayed and as shown in all the pics looks great with no rot or issues. The Rocker Panels are amazing and have no issues as we show every single part in the video. The bottom of the doors which are typically rusty in these trucks look great both inside the door and outside. The Corner Cabs also look great as shown in the close ups in the videos and photos. The Previous owner did have the frame protected and sprayed along with the rear Axle Housing, leaf springs, and front Axle Housing to prevent rust. You can see that even with the undercoat the finish is smooth and wasn't spray over a crusty rust. It was a prevention application not a cover application. The Frame is 100% solid with not 1 single part or section with any rust issues. We have over 20 undercarriage pics and you can see this truck is VERY clean for a 20-year-old truck.

Interior Condition:

The previous and only owner took 100% perfect care of the interior. The carpets are very very clean with no worn spots or damage. The seats show amazingly well with no issues. The headliner does not have one single area of sagging or defect. Everything inside the cab works 100% perfect. This truck belonged to a none smoker and has no odors or burns.


This truck operates exactly as it should. Great Cold Starts with STRONG cranks. The Engine as you head in the video sounds as healthy as ever, no smoking at idle or accelerating. The clutch is very tight and firm with ZERO slipping. The brakes work perfect and have aero vibrations while applying. The steering in this trucks are typically terrible and are all over the road, which is NOT the case here, this truck tracks perfect. This truck literally floats down the road smooth as can be!!! As you will see in the video you can drive this truck at 65MPH with 1 finger on the wheel. Please use all the photos, video, our content and your own due diligence for this trucks true condition.

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