2000 Toyota 4Runner 4dr Limited 3.4L Auto 4WD



We are happy to bring to market our fully 100% Restored 4Runner. This 4Runner was a 12 month build and was truly restored from the ground up. As you will see in the photos and read in the content below this is by far the most compete and newest Gen 3 4Runner that exist. This 4Runner was just completed and we will need 3-4 weeks of driving and tuning before it is ready to leave. You can choice any wheel and tire option of your choice if you don't like the bronze wheels we have chosen. Thanks and Enjoy.

Paint and Body:
We stripped the entire body down to bare metal and removed any and all imperfections. We then 2k Primed the entire body and blocked down to make a perfectly smooth and flat surface before spraying a sealant followed by 2 coats of base color. Once the base coat was cured, we followed up with 3 full coat of clear. When we repaint an entire vehicle, we remove ALL trim, moldings, handles, mirror, flares, etc to make a perfect finish with minimal paint lines and the most factory like paint job. We have about 8 weeks alone in the paint and body on this 4Runner.

We also completely stripped the entire interior. We have installed all brand new carpet throughout. The carpet we used is the very best carpet on the market. Wanting the make this 4Runner truly special we decided to give it a very custom yet timeless look with a none factory brown leather that looks absolutely amazing. In addition to the leather, we added heated seats and completely rebuild all 8 seat bolsters.

New DAS Custom Leather Seats
New Rebuilt Seat Bolsters
New Heated Elements in Seats
New Carpet Throughout - added extra insulation and padding
New Leather Inserts on Door Panels

Wanting the make this 4runner absolutely as new as possible, we went ahead and installed a brane new motor. Every single part of the engine is brand new besides the block itself which will last forever. All new internals are new, we will show photos of the entire build. The build included:

New Piston
New Piston Rings
New Reman Left Cylinder Head
New Reman Right Cylinder Head
New Reman Crankshaft
New Rod Bearings
New Main Bearings
New CrankShaft Seal
New Cylinder Head Bolts
New Cylinder Head Gasket
New Engine Exhaust Valves
New Intake Manifold Gasket
New Oil Pump
New Oil Pan Gasket
New Timing Belt
New Water Pump
New Belt Pulley
New Belt Tensioner
New Timing Cover Gasket
New Timing Idler
New Valve Cover Gaskets
New Lifters
New Exhaust Manifold Studs

New Fuel Injectors x 6
New Fuel Pump
New Fuel Filter

Fully Rebuilt Transmission
New Front Upgraded Axles
Front Diff - Taken apart, Inspected and replaced as needed - Sealed and Filled with Synthetic Fluid
Transfercase - Taken apart, Inspected and replaced as needed - Sealed and Filled with Synthetic Fluid
Rear Diff - Taken apart, Inspected and replaced as needed - Sealed and Filled with Synthetic Fluid

New Radiator
New Water Pump
New Radiator Hoses
New Thermostat
New Housing
New Heater Core

New AC Compressor
New AC Evaporator
New AC Condenser
New Receiver Drier
New Office Tube

New Front Rotors
New Front Pads
New Rear Drums
New Rear Shoes
New Brake Lines
New Brake Fluid

New Full 3" Coil-Over System
New 3" Front Fully Adjustable CoilOvers
New Front Upgraded Upper Control Arms
New Front Reservoir Shocks
New Rear Coils
New Rear Reservoir Shocks
New OEM Rear Coil Support Brackets
New Billet Aluminum Rear Bump Stops
New Rear Sway Bar Links
New Front Sway Bar Links
New Sway Bar Bushings
New Steering Rack Bushings
All New Hardware

New BFG K02 295/70/17 Tires
New 17x9 Wheels

New Full Stainless Steel Exhaust System

New LED Headlights
New LED Taillights
New Roof Rack

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