2002 Toyota Tacoma XtraCab PreRunner V6


This is a Pre-Listing for this 2002 Toyota Tacoma XCab we just received in inventory. Our Pre-Listings are to show the public new inventory and vehicles in the pipeline being serviced, detailed, or built in the shop. This Tacoma is for sale during the Service/Reconditioning process and will be updated with more information, pictures and videos once it's completed. Check out our previously sold Tacomas on the website and search Davis AutoSports Tacomas on youtube to get an idea of the quality of these popular body style Tacomas we sell.

This Tacoma will be serviced and fully detailed, will be in excellent condition once complete, and is for sale during this process. All Original Factory Issued VIN Plates are intact as all panels are original and has a 1 Owner Carfax History Report!! Frame and undercarriage are in excellent condition with no rust issues and appears to have been undercoated by Toyota!! The Timing Belt will be checked and addressed in our service department. Typically we perform a completed timing belt/water pump service if the belt hasn't been changed at this mileage which also consists of the Actuator, Thermostat, Thermostat Gasket and Fresh Coolant. Every power option works and the vehicle has no known issues. We are going to perform a Full Paint Correction Service which consists of washing the vehicle, clay barring the paint to remove any grit, wet sanding the paint, 3 stage compound, buff and polish with a wash in-between the stage two buff and stage 3 polish. The paint will look absolutely gorgeous. The hood & roof has the typical Toyota paint fading and we plan to repaint these two panels here in house!! The Interior is Super Clean and shows very well for the year and miles!! Thanks for viewing this Pre-Listing and Contact Ted Lambert at 804-852-4907 for more information!!

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